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Why Graphic Novels Are Good For You

This is an awesome article that needs to be read by every school librarian, and English teacher which proves what we comic book lovers knew all along.

November Notebook: A YA Lit Blog

Written by Grant Goodman, 2/1/2015

As an English teacher, one of the most frequent requests I hear from parents is, “Can you get my son/daughter to stop reading so many comics and start reading real literature instead?”


Can we re-examine that question?

Did you just ask me to tell your child to STOP READING something he or she likes?

That’s a firm “No.”

No, I will not.

There is a generational gap that leads to the misunderstanding of comics and manga and graphic novels. For many of our current parents, comics are those 3 or 4 panel gags that run in the newspaper. Or they’re the classic, simple superhero tales that they grew out of.

The problem is that if you shut kids out of comics/graphic novels/manga, you’re turning them away from one of our best learning tools out there. Comics are the marriage of image and word. They…

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Green Eyed Monster


It really has been a while since I last posted. I think about 2 years. A lot has happened since then, I changed my career path (former pre-med, now applying to nursing school) and joined a group that promotes student health on campus. Recently I helped create a campaign at my university to raise awareness about signs of unhealthy relationships for St. Patrick’s Day. I decided to focus on the Green Eyed monster as my inspiration for the design. My design was put on buttons and handed out to students as they were going to their classes. Down the left side of the button, our 6 signs of unhealthy relationships were included : jealousy, coercion, isolation, stalking, emotional abuse, sexual & physical abuse.

I really wish we had campaigns like this in my high school because it would have helped a lot of teens entering dating relationships for the first time. It’s also a good way to think about your non-romantic relationships as well such as friendships, co-workers or even how you feel about your career or program of study (the wrong one is an unhealthy relationship) and even with yourself. Assess your relationships, get rid of the unhealthy ones while nurturing the good ones.

Contrary to what our individualistic, neo-liberal society says, your relationships matter and without them you can’t be successful.

Thank you for your patience readers and followers


University is eating up all my time. Therefore there will be a temporary hiatus as I try and scrounge up some time to write blog posts and draw companion illustrations to go with them.

Afreen Parvez

How I learned to Leave Fandoms behind

Fandoms are described as a community of people that like the same movie/book/TV show or any kind of franchise. At first I liked fandoms because they allowed me to find other people that shared the same interests as me thus making it easier to make friends. I no longer feel the same way due to some unpleasant people and artwork though. There are specific types of people that ruined fandoms for me. These people are deluded into using their obsession of a franchise to cater to their specific emotional needs and this blog post is about those people.
The Fanboy

The fanboy is a recurring figure in comic book fandoms. Fanboys are usually described as being anal-retentive and wanting the comic book fandoms to cater to their emotional and sexual needs Fanboys are known to enjoy looking at scantily clad superheriones (like the one behind the fanboy) so comic book companies respond to this by creating female characters specially for them to ogle.  Fanboys are also very opinionated. Here the fanboy is childishly throwing a fit in front of a poster of one of his favorite superheroines.
The Slash Fangirl

For those of you how don’t know slash fiction is fan fiction written about two male characters in a homosexual relationship. This can be a very entertaining type of fiction. However a problem arises when the slash fangirl begins seeing all men as being secretly gay even if the original author of the work presents the male characters with wives and/or girlfriends.  Slash fiction has nothing to do with gay rights. But, if one disagrees with the slash fangirl they will be labelled a ‘homophobe’ despite average slash fangirls not knowing very much about gay relationships due to being hetereosexual females.
The Weeaboo

A weeaboo is somebody that is obsessed with Japanese culture and wishes he or she was Japanese. They will often wear stupid cat ears to school. There is nothing wrong with liking Japanese culture.  There is something wrong with trying to talk in fake Japanese just to make yourself look superior to everyone else. There is something wrong with whining about the country you currently live in and claiming Japan is better despite never having been there. There is something wrong with making badly drawn anime-style art and flooding the internet with it.

All these people gradually made me miss the old days when I could sit and enjoy a comic book without hearing somebody’s asinine opinion of it. So I quit reading fanfiction, making fanart and interacting with other fans for awhile. It was a cleansing experience. I noticed that once I quit fandoms I began to meet with people that didn’t make me lose my sanity. This is because I find people who don’t like comics are more likely to be emotionally developed and less needy and self-absorbed. It’s nice to get to know and like somebody for their accomplishments and personality traits rather than what comic books or TV shows they watch. I also started to focus on doing more original artwork and exploring new techniques. In conclusion, I left fandoms behind to enter a world of multidimensional beauty and nicer people.

Afreen Parvez

The Role of the Artist in Society

As a high schooler I always wished I was better at math or science not art because it didn’t seem to offer high job security. It would be my hobby and nothing more. But then I began reading superhero comics and taking the time to learn the names of the artists that drew them so that I could easily find my favorite artwork. Then I would read up on the comic artist’s biography to find out where they grew up and what materials they liked to use.

I realized they started out just like I am right now and a lot of my favorite artists also had no formal training as well.

I was hooked on the idea of drawing comics since.

My point is that I enjoy drawing comics but I still didn’t quite understand what role that gave me in society. Scientists gather information for the public to use. Government officials provide a system of rules for the public to utilize.What do artists do for the public?

Answer 1: We distract them from their problems.

While that is a noble endeavor because it provides people relaxation, sometimes artists can be blamed for propagating escapism in our audience. Taken to the extreme, some people could end up admiring artwork all day instead of solving their problems.That might fill up the artist’s wallet but may or may not help society.

Answer 2: We educate them.

Some artists like to use their influence to communicate information about certain things to the public. This could be historical artwork or artwork that takes a stab at social issues or maybe even scientific illustrations. Though this information may also have negative uses such as war propaganda,hate speech or satire.

So that concludes this blog entry. Next time you see an artist thank them for distracting you from your problem and educating you. They won’t realize they’re doing it.


What this blog will be about:

Basically I post about art but that’s really broad. The main focus of this blog is comic book art and being a self taught comic book artist. This includes strips,books, cover illustrations and basically anything that tells a story using pictures.

Artistic Pet Peeves-here I point out something I see a lot in artwork but to prevent this from turning into smug self-righteous bashing I will offer alternatives or solutions to the artistic problems.

Observations- I talk about stuff I’ve observed and random thoughts but they’re all related to art.

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